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HMRC & Tax Debts

Problems Paying VAT & PAYE? We are experienced at negotiating with HMRC.

Bridgestones has been here for 17 years, helping companies like yours deal with HMRC tax debt issues through various methods that saves jobs and don't weigh you down by creditor pressure. We are experts at finding the right solution for your business.

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What are Crown Debts (HMRC & Tax)?

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is one of the largest creditors in the UK. If your business is struggling to meet its tax obligations in full, such as PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax, your business can incur fines and legal action which could result in your company being wound up.

There are recognised legal procedures and ways of dealing with HMRC that can save your company from its tax debts. The key to success is acting quickly and seeking the advice of an experienced insolvency practitioner the moment that you realise that your business is struggling to pay its taxes.

"You can contact us at any time for advice via telephone, email or live chat. We will be able to assess your case and determine a best course of action for your business."

If you do nothing and wait for HMRC to contact you chasing payment, this will work against you. It will become more difficult to negotiate with the tax office for more time. HMRC could resort to sending Enforcement Officers to take your business assets as payment, and your company could eventually be forced into compulsory liquidation by the court.

Solutions To Business Tax Debt Problems

There are a number of options that we can explore for your business if it is struggling to meet its tax obligations. By contacting us ASAP by telephone, email or online live chat, we can look into your case straight away to determine a best course of action and guide your business back to solvency.

Negotiate a Time to Pay Arrangement
A Time To Pay Arrangement is an agreement that can be negotiated with HMRC which allows businesses that are struggling with their cash flow, but are still fundamentally solvent businesses, extra time to pay their business taxes. We can look into your case, assess your finances and produce cash flow projections in order to build a case for a Time To Pay Arrangement for your company. Due to our experience and our excellent relationship with HMRC, we can then negotiate a Time To Pay Arrangement on your behalf. If approved, your business could be given a number of months, up to one year or even longer, to pay its business taxes off via regular monthly payments.

Business Finance
There are a number of business finance options available to companies that can help to release funds tied up in assets in order to pay business taxes on time. For example, Invoice Factoring allows you to release funds tied up in lengthy invoice payment terms; whilst asset financing allows you to raise funds against the value of company assets, such as machinery and property. We can assess your business finances and determine the best course of action based on your individual situation.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)
A company voluntary arrangement (CVA) is an agreement that we can negotiate between your company and its creditors (including HMRC) that allows your company to pay all or part of its debt off over a period of time. CVAs lead to a relief from HMRC pressure, lower monthly payments and a centralised payment, which improves cash flow and allows your company to work its way out of its debt problems.

Company Administration
Company Administration could be the best possible option for rescuing the business if it looks as though HMRC are moving to wind up your company. Company Administration is an insolvency procedure whereby we, as your appointed insolvency practitioner, would take control of the company and serve as the administrator. Our role would be to take actions which result in the recovery of the company and the payment of HMRC debts. This could be via a continuation of trading, a sale of assets, a company restructure, or a sale of all or part of the company to a new owner.

A Pre-Pack Administration Sale of the Business
If we determine that a recovery of the business is unlikely and we don’t think that the company will be able to pay its tax debts to HMRC; we may determine that a pre-pack administration sale of the business if the best course of action. Pre-Pack Administration is a formal insolvency procedure where we arrange the sale of an insolvent business and its assets prior to the company being put into administration. Then, once the company is put into formal administration, the business and its assets are immediately sold.

This process provides a seamless transfer of the business and its assets so that trading can continue, contracts can be upheld, jobs can be protected and the business can be saved. Current directors of the company can purchase the business and its assets under a newly established company.

So What Should You Do Next?

As experienced insolvency practitioners, we have years of experience in dealing with HMRC and working with companies to guide them through to solutions for their tax debt problems. We can assess your case, wherever you are in the country, advise you on your options and guide your company through any insolvency, legal or negotiation process to come to a solution.

The key is to act fast and contact us as soon as you notice that there may be a problem with being able to meet your business tax obligations on time. Take a look at our website for further information on the topics discussed above. Or you can contact us at any time via telephone, email or online live chat for more information, advice and guidance.

Our Expert Company Rescue Advice is 100% FREE & Confidential

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