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Finance, Factoring & Investment

Paying too much for your Invoice Finance? There are lots of ways to finance your business

Bridgestones has been here for 17 years, helping companies like yours raise finance and refinance to alleviate pressure and ease cash flow problems. We are experts at finding the right financing solution for your business.

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Finance, Factoring & Investment

If your business is struggling with cash flow problems, there are a number of business finance options available to you which could alleviate pressure, provide much needed capital and prevent your company from having to go through formal insolvency procedures.

We do not recommend that you should borrow in order to pay company debts; but sometimes, in the right circumstances, borrowing can help to ease cash flow problems and facilitate future expansion.

It is important to get the impartial and expert advice of an insolvency practitioner before making any decisions about business finance.

"We have years of experience as nationwide insolvency practitioners, in advising and guiding directors of companies of all sizes to find solutions to their cash flow problems."

Types of Finance

  1. Invoice Factoring / Invoice Discounting
  2. Bank Loans & Overdrafts
  3. Crowd Funding Lenders
  4. Asset Finance
  5. Hire Purchase & Leasing
  6. Private Investment

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Through our wider network of trusted contacts, we have access to some great companies that can help your business. Detailed below are some types of business finance that we can help with:

Invoice Factoring / Invoice Discounting

If lengthy payment terms are preventing your company from getting the cash it needs quickly, invoice factoring can improve cash flow by providing a faster way of getting paid. Typically, invoice factoring involves your company selling its invoices to a third party factoring company. The factoring company will pay your company a large percentage of the invoice up front (usually 60%-80%). Your customer then pays the factoring company according to their usual payment terms. Once the customer has paid their invoice, your company receives the rest of the invoice payment from the factoring company, minus their fee.

Bank Loans and Overdrafts

We have contacts at a range of high street lenders and specialist commercial banks that understand how businesses are funded.

Crowd Funding Lenders

A new type of loan that spreads the risk over many investors, but you only borrow from a controlling source.

Asset Finance

This allows you to unlock cash that is tied up in an existing asset. The capital is raised by using a key piece of equipment as security for a loan.

Hire Purchase and Leasing

This is a well-established way of paying for necessary plant and large equipment that a business needs. Rather than paying for assets in one large payment, a company can pay for the equipment in instalments over a period of time.

Private Investment

Investor capital can be used to expand your business and take your company to the next level. This often comes with experienced commercial advisors that can assist you with your company’s growth.

So What Should You Do Next?

The key to getting the best possible result for your business is to seek professional advice the moment that you notice that your company is going through cash flow problems.

If you think that finance for the new company may be difficult to obtain, Bridgestones can help you by discussing various situations and introducing you to an excellent range of finance providers. Call us now to discuss finance options on 0800 014 9836.

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