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Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) in Chesham

Company Voluntary Arrangements, or CVAs, can provide insolvent companies with a great way out of their business debts problems. A Company Voluntary Arrangement is a payment plan between an insolvent company and its creditors, which sets out how the company will pay back all or part of its debts with regular instalments over a period of time. These agreements provide an achievable and amicable solution to company debt problems; they provide the company with the opportunity to continue trading and become solvent once more, and they avoid legal action against the company by its creditors. As experienced insolvency practitioners, we have spent a lot of time establishing Company Voluntary Arrangements between insolvent companies and their creditors all over the country. So if you are based in Chesham , we can visit your office, assess your company finances, draft a proposal, and negotiate with your creditors to agree a Company Voluntary Arrangement in Chesham for your business. Simply contact us via telephone, email or live chat for more information and advice.

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" I made the decision to contact you guys regarding CVAs as I believed this would be a good way out of our business debt issues. After talking on the phone and meeting in Chesham , your guys assessed our case and decided that they may be able to arrange something with our creditors. I was so relieved. They clearly worked really hard on our case so I would like to thank them for that – I really appreciate it. Now that the CVA is set up, I feel much less dread going into the office every day and our relationship with our creditors is much nicer. " ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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